St Brendan's ELC

Welcome to St Brendan's Early Learning Centre (ELC). We pride ourselves on being a service that is distinctively welcoming and inviting. There is a definite calmness and warm presence fostered by the surroundings and the way that staff greet anyone who enters our Centre.

Our learning environment is beautiful, natural, authentic and aesthetically pleasing. Soft furnishings, a relaxed quiet atmosphere, smiling faces and a listening ear all add up to a positive environment where families develop trust, and feel safe, secure and are happy and content.

Our Lake Munmorah ELC is a haven for creativity, fun, laughter and enjoyment. We value a routine that is smooth, relaxed, flexible and responds directly to children's aspirations. We believe that children have an unquenchable curiosity and are intrigued by anything and everything. They are eager explorers with an intense to desire to make sense of their world.

We respect and value all children for their unique qualities, individuality, diversity, interests, abilities and characteristics. We aim to support children as they begin their educational journey so they can grow and develop into strong and confident beings.

Please feel welcome to visit the pre-school or contact me should you require any further information.

Michelle Kennedy
Coordinator, Lake Munmorah ELC
29 Carters Road, Lake Munmorah NSW 2259

Phone:  02 4358 1102
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 2:50pm, during school term.

Enrolment and fees

CatholicCare welcomes enrolments from all children ages 3-6 from our community.

To enrol, simply complete the Expression of Interest and either email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop it back into the preschool. Once we receive your completed form, we will contact you to discuss current vacancies. A birth certificate and immunisation history statement will be required for your child upon enrolment.

Families are also welcome to contact the Coordinator for further information or to arrange a tour of the preschool and an opportunity to meet our educators.

Enrolment forms and policies

docxExpression of Interest Form
docxEnrolment Form
pdfFamily Handbook
pdfFee policy and payment method
pdfSchedule of fees
pdfHealth Handbook
pdfPolicy Booklet
pdfStatement of Philosophy
docRoutine Excursion Authority Form


Every effort is made to keep our fees as low as possible. As we are a non-profit centre all money goes back into our preschool to assist in covering costs and providing quality resources, equipment and education. The children of our preschool are our shareholders and reap the benefits.

  • 3 year old fee - $36 per day
  • 4+ year old fee - $34 per day (children who have turned 4 before 31st July of their year of attendance)
  • Equity fee - $18 per day
What are Equity Fees and how do I apply?

Funding for Equity fees is provided by the NSW Department of Education to assist low-income families to meet the cost of preschool. If you have a low income health care card you may be eligible for a reduction in your preschool fees.

The Early Learning Centre Coordinator is registered as a Registered Carer. Some families may be eligible to claim Child Care Benefit if you meet the required work assessment. Families will need to investigate their eligibility through the Family Assistance Office.

About our centre

Diocese of Broken Bay Early Learning Centres are a joint venture between CatholicCare, the Catholic Schools Office and the Parishes in the Diocese of Broken Bay, with financial support from the Australian government through the Building the Education Revolution (BER) funds. These centres are managed on behalf of the school and parish community by CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay.

Our Lake Munmorah ELC is a purpose-built preschool on the grounds of St Brendan's Catholic Primary School. We have been operating in the Lake Munmorah community for over four years, and have an outstanding reputation amongst our families, other services and educational institutions within the local area.

We pride ourselves in providing a supportive and safe environment, where play and discovery provides opportunities for children to become skilful with their bodies, explore new interests, problem solve and think creatively. Our playground is engaging and has lots of room to explore. We have many plants, a vegetable and herb garden and a huge, sheltered sandpit. Other features include a mud pit, water pump with creek bed, large soft fall area and covered paved areas for quieter activities.

  • We cater for children aged 3 to 6 years
  • We support families and children from varying ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds
  • We welcome children with additional needs
  • We welcome enrolments from all areas of the Northern Central Coast regardless of your religious beliefs or the primary school your child will attend.

Our rooms

Each of our 3 rooms is set up to invite imagination and creativity.  Children can engage in art, construction, role play, computers, puzzles, science, maths, literacy etc. all the while being supported and encouraged by caring and educated staff.

We offer three spacious air conditioned playrooms for the children:

  • Alkira - This room offers a program centred on the needs of children who are three to four years old. The program incorporates toilet training (if required), caters to the interests of this age group and is sensitive to children that have not been without mum or dad before.
  • Kityekana - This room caters for children who are four and five years old and offers a program centred on the needs of children the year before they attend kindergarten.
  • Palari - Our additional playroom which is utilised for additional play space, information technology and  music/movement time

Our curriculum

CatholicCare's ELC program and pedagogy are underpinned by the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes outlined in the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The framework places emphasis on the significance of play-based learning and the importance of building strong relationships with children, families and the community.

We support children’s learning through a holistic approach, creating opportunities that allow for moments of intentional teaching, spontaneous investigation and child initiated learning, so children’s natural curiosity can flourish.

As Educators we plan and implement a curriculum program to scaffold and support children’s learning on all levels to ensure each child develops a strong sense of belonging, being and becoming. It is our aim to nurture the child’s natural curiosity and motivation to learn.

Our Lake Munmorah ELC aims to foster the following attributes in our children:

  • Lively, inquiring minds, a love of learning and a willingness to apply effort to worthwhile tasks
  • Ability to think rationally
  • Use of imagination
  • Powers of creative self-expression
  • Powers of judgement
  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Self-confidence, a sense of worth and respect and consideration for others
  • A coherent set of personal and social values and a commitment to them
  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • An understanding of themselves and their world
  • Competence in intellectual, social and physical skills.

Our educators

All permanent staff at our Lake Munmorah ELC are University trained teachers or TAFE Diploma qualified and hold many years of experience.

Our staff are enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate and highly motivated taking on inspiration from each other, always sharing ideas, roles and responsibilities, discussing options, and working as a team to provide a stimulating environment and welcoming atmosphere for all families. As qualified and professional educators we have a vast knowledge of child development and the program we offer is responsive and reflective of the children’s individual learning styles

Documenting the learning

A significant part of involving families in their child’s learning is through communicating.

We encourage the children to explore and investigate the environment and activities around them.  Their discoveries and excitement in achievements are shared with their peers and families through photographs, personal learning journals and the preschool ‘blog’.  We encourage a strong partnership between families and staff and embrace the involvement and communication from our families and the wider school community.

School transition

The transition process begins the first day that your child commences and throughout their time with us, we establish a solid foundation for their future schooling life and educational outcomes.

Located on the grounds of St Brendan’s Primary school, our Lake Munmorah ELC Early can offer, in collaboration with the Primary School, unique opportunities for children to feel comfortable connected and engaged with a school environment and community.  The children of have opportunities to familiarise themselves with a school environment by participating in many wider whole school events such as the Easter hat parades; athletics carnival; cross country; walkathon; school assemblies; and Book Week parades. The wider school events also promote amongst parents and families, a feeling of engagement in the school experience and school community.

We facilitate readiness to achieve early learning outcomes through visits to the St Brendan’s Primary School kindergarten classrooms where we play, share stories, and engage in learning experiences with the current kindergarten children.  With the support of St Brendan’s Primary School we also use THRASS –a specific pedagogical practice for the teaching of literacy.

Along with a strong emphasis on social and emotional competence we always have a broad focus on child development that prioritises ability and motivation to learn, over and above specific knowledge.