Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Catholic Pastoral Care in the Diocese of Broken Bay is the ministry of presence, “being for others”, to patients, families and staff. That often includes:

  • Building relationships
  • Listening to life stories without judgement
  • Articulating empathy and respect
  • Nourishing, sustaining and guiding especially in times of grief and trauma.
  • Enlivening the spirit
  • Providing ritual, prayer and sacraments when requested.

“New energy surges into a person’s life when they have a sense that someone is truly listening to them.”

“To be listened to, without judgement, is an experience from which emerges a new level of insight, acceptance and most significantly, hope – all of which are vital in holistic healing….it is in this companionship that they are able to find the strength to remain in love and not to become bitter in the face of pain and suffering.” D. RANSON.

CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay provides designated priests and lay pastoral care practitioners to seven hospitals within the Diocese:

Hospital To contact a Pastoral Care Practitioner please call:
Royal North Shore Hospital 0427 662 513
Hornsby Hospital 0417 135 159
Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga 0417 135 159
Gosford Hospital 0418 616 602
Wyong Hospital 0427 255 804
Manly Hospital 0439 009 932
Mona Vale Hospital 0439 009 932


For enquiries and information, please contact Peter Brown, Coordinator Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care on 0418 616 602.