Men and Family Relationships

Men and Family Relationships provides phone support, pre-mediation and Family Law information, counselling and parenting skills training and support.

This program helps men improve and better manage relationships with their partners, mothers of their children, children and step-children.  Community education activities, including seminars and events, are also available.

A range of programs are available including:

  • Hey Dad!
  • Hey Dad! For Fathers of Children with a Disability
  • Hey Dad! For Separated Fathers
  • Hey Dad! For Indigenous Dads

An Uncles and Pops group work program for Dads to learn about their roles as a Dad, increasing their parenting skills and improving relationships with their children is also available.

The program of group work services is now available! Groups and seminars include:

  • Hey Dad! for Separated Fathers
  • Separated Men's Pre-Mediation and Family Law Workshops
  • Separated Fathers Support Group
  • Hey Dad! for Dads with kids 0-5
  • Dads and Kids activity afternoons in schools
  • Circle of Security Parenting program
  • Triple P—Positive Parenting Program
  • Triple P—Group work Program
  • Stepping Stones Triple P
  • Dads only Triple P
  • Sing and Grow
  • 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching - Seminar Series
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Seasons for Growth
  • What about the Kids
  • Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM)
  • Building resilient stepchildren
  • Couple Talk
  • Conflict Communication Coaching
  • Realistic Behaviour Management Course

For more information download the Groups and Seminars Brochure below.

Download: Groups and Seminars information

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